A new look and feel

The brand new features of the 2008 Tucson Sports Utility Vehicle warranted an all-new brochure. Hyundai were keen to promote their enhanced model and we were happy to accept the challenge.

Of course, the brochure needed to be different enough from the original Tucson literature to warrant new headlines and body copy. So, the additional benefits of the 2008 Tucson were key in setting the style and tone apart. The client was so pleased with what we did, they quickly handed us their brochures for the all-new i20 and i30. For these, we created a whole new tone of voice – that was distinctly different from the competition. At a time when sales of new cars were at an all-time low, the brochures alone successfully drove up sales of the i20 to make it Hyundai’s best-selling car for 2009.

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