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Tone of voice development

Tone of voice... By accident or design, your business already has one: a way of speaking that is 'you'. It may be clear and consistent. It may be muddled and distant. But, like it or not, it is a reflection of your business' personality.

We are experts in finding and defining the right tone of voice for you. And, once we've pinned it down, we can write guidelines and deliver training to help your team bring it to life. Check out some of the organisations we've helped with their tone of voice.

Conceptual thinking

Chicken or egg? Word or image? Everyone has their own ideas about where the creative process should begin. But what we can say for sure is that, at Ink, we have helped all kinds of design agencies and clients develop killer concepts and integrated campaigns.

Naming products or services

The right name could mean the difference between a lawsuit and the latest must-haves. We have a proven process for generating names, using our copywriters' talents and (should you choose) focus groups to get the public's view on your chosen shortlist. Here are a few companies we've helped with naming products or services.