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2014 was the year that gave us adorkable (meaning someone who’s socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way) and felfie (a farmer’s selfie), but what word caught your eye? Something real or imaginary? Misheard or misspelt?

We’d love to hear your personal Word of the Year. Send a tweet that includes @inkcopywriters and don’t forget to include the hashtag – #Inkreadible. Our three favourites* will receive a small, but suitably wordy, prize.

And, if that’s not enough fun and games, why not test your wordy knowledge with our Ink Christmas quiz. You’ll find the answers at the end.

* You have until 24.12.14 to submit your words. If you’re a winner, we’ll let you know by 9.1.15.

1) What is a ‘taikonaut’?

a) A Chinese astronaut

b) A taekwondo fanatic

c) A type of sea slug  


2) Which is probably the most commonly used English word in the world?

a) Okay

b) Sex

c) Kim Kardashian


3) What athlete is warmest in the winter?

a) A long jumper

b) A pole vaulter

c) A javelin thrower


4) Which word wasn’t added to the OED this year?

a) Beatboxer

b) Twerking

c) Wackadoo



5) What was the Oxford English Dictionary ‘Word of the Year’ 2014?

a) Unfriend

b) Vape

c) Adorkable



6) According to the Baby Centre, what was the most popular girl’s name in the UK this year?

a) Sophia

b) Olivia

c) Miley



7) Which of these showbiz names is not real?

a) North West

b) Buzz Michaelangelo

c) Woody Donatello



8) Which of these is not a well-known cheese?

a) Stinking Bishop

b) Monterey Jack

c) Whiffy Vicar



9) Which of these is a breed of turkey?

a) Broad Breasted Bronze

b) Long Legged Silver

c) Big Bottomed Gold



So, how did you do? 1) a 2) a 3) a 4) b 5) b 6) a 7) c 8) c 9) a