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Tweeted to near extinction, blogged to death, texted out of town… the humble comma is under attack. And now the Organisation for Modern Grammar (OMG) has begun a nationwide campaign to remove it from the English language altogether.

OMG believes that there is no place for the comma in modern life and are not only campaigning for people to stop using it, but for it to be removed entirely from the National Curriculum.

In a recent press release, their spokesperson, Stu Piddington, said:

“Due to the increase in online writing the comma is becoming increasingly redundant and no longer fits with how we communicate to each other today in fact a recent study shows that the comma makes writing 35% harder to read than that which don't use them.”

Join us and help save the comma

In response to this savage move, Ink is mounting a counter-campaign to save the comma.

It might be one of the more humble punctuation marks, overshadowed, at times, by the mighty full stop, but it has its place. And without it, we could end up in a whole world of confusion. Imagine a world where, ‘Let’s eat, Grandma’ becomes, ‘Let’s eat Grandma.’

Sign up today

Please show your support for the comma by emailing the phrase ‘Save the comma’ to

With enough people on our side we can, together, stop OMG in its misguided tracks and secure the future of our much beloved, and so wrongly maligned, comma.