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If you’ve ever wondered where place names come from, there’s a new atlas that could be right up your street – whether you live in Choked Pool, Swampy Hole or Stink Onion for that matter.

Created by German company Kalimedia, the Atlas of True Names replaces existing place names with their etymological origins. The results are somewhat perplexing – especially if you happen to hail from one of the UK’s less fortunately named towns.

Choked Pool for example, is apparently the original meaning of Liverpool. While the name ‘Slough’, originates from Swampy Hole.

Other names merely intrigue such as Hillfort for London and Slopecastle for Edinburgh. Great Britain itself has the proud meaning of ‘The Great Land of the Tattooed.’

There are two True Name Atlases available – one that covers Europe and one for the world. So whether you live in Stink Onion (Chicago) or Dominate the East (Vladivostock), there’s something here for everyone.